In Terapia Aventura we want to offer our knowledge to enhance well-being, quality of life and health in people and organizations.

We implement efficient and effective therapeutic programs and experiences, valuing the role of nature and adventure activities in a therapeutic context.

In addition, we consider that the basic for the implementation of programs is traning, which is based on Adventure Therapy, we want to be a reference in psychotherapeutic methodology. Therefore, we train health professionals through an experiential methodology and we help in the consolidation of Adventure Therapy in Spain and Europe.

Finally, we promote lines of research with Universities and Research Centers to validate and transfer knowledge about Adventure Therapy.


To be a reference for adventure therapy in Spain and Europe, we are managing therapeutic projects centered on the person, working from ethical principles, safety and professionalism, promoting the value of nature and training therapists with the highest quality.



We love our work

We were the first who have seen the benefits of this therapeutic methodology and the contact with nature for the participants.

Global Well

We are part oft he whole

We respect and promote the full development of people from holistic vision, improving physical health, psychological well-being and the relationship of people with the environment. We also carry this values with our whole team from Terapia Aventura.


We strive for excellence

We develop innovative psychotherapeutic programs and experiental trainings, based on our experience. These programs are constantly refined through reserach.


For us, safety comes first

Our actions are provided with strict safety protocols and supervised by professionals and national reference entities, so that we can provide optimal and healthy physical and emotional experience.


Qualified professionals and interventions

We try to minimize the impact of all our actions on the natural environment: both in our offices and in nature. We also contribute part of our profits to reforestation and actions with vulnerable people through our national association “WindRose Social“.

0.3% of our revenues go to reforestation projects.

0.7% of our revenues go to programs with vulnerable people.


Professionals and interventions based on excellence

We believe that training is essential for health and social care professionals to adequately guide participants in their process of change and improvement.