One of the pillars that support the practices of Adventure Therapy is the formation of quality teams, which is why our transdisciplinary team includes professionals from various disciplines, committed to teach, learn and work for the well-being and safety of the participants.

In this ecological and systemic approach, all team members share their experience to provide a global view of the participant without fragmenting the therapeutic intervention.

Our team is made up of professionals in General Health Psychology, Legal Psychology and Social Intervention, Educators and Social Workers, Graduates in Physical Activity Sciences and Pedagogy Professionals.

Our entire team has the necessary qualifications to perform professional practice safely. The whole team has and receives constantly specific training and supervision in the field of adventure therapy and safety.

We have external, national and international, consultants, with extensive experience in their field.

  • Alexander Rose


  • Esther Martínez Roca

    Technical Director

  • Román Rodríguez Sebastián


  • Marina Baquero Tomás

    General Health Psychologist

  • Borja Martí Roca

    General Health Psychologist

  • Pablo Calvo Bayarri

    General Health Psychologist

  • Alejandro Vila García

    General Health Psychologist

  • Miriam Castelló Parra

    Occupational Therapist

  • Eva Sánchez Molina

    Educator and Social Worker

  • Anna Armengol Sanz

    Social Psychologist

  • Diana Porta Viosca

    Degree in Sport Science

  • Luis Abellán Bodallo

    Educational Psychologist

Alexander Rose


  • General Health Psychologist COPCV 11531
  • Master’s Degree in Health Psychology
  • Master’s Degree in Education and Rehabilitation of Addictive Behaviors
  • Postgraduate Degree in Integrative Gestalt Therapy
  • Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
  • Teacher specialized in Physical Education
  • International Training in Therapy through Adventure and Experiential Education
I am a dynamic person, with a lot of vital energy and a high commitment to what I experience. I am also empathetic, close and honest. With huge intellectual interest and for my almost continous questioning I enjoy reading a lot about psychology, philosophy, ecology and education. I love traveling without big luggage, going out in nature and camping in remote places whenever possible, hiking a lot and discovering new places, climbing, canyoning, snowboarding and diving, especially with my wife and children. Fascinating form me is to meet new people with their different visions and all their worries and life goals. My sense of work life has been since 2008 to implement Adventure Therapy in Spain. In this way, I am a precursor in the research, training and implementation of Adventure Therapy programs in Spain. I have the honor of being a founding member and coordinator of the European Network of Therapy through Adventure (ATE) and representater for Spain of the Adventure Therapy International Committee (ATIC) since 2008, and honorary delegateter since 2018. Since 2017 I am responsible for the Adventure Therapy Working Group of the COPCV. In 2020 we created the International Journal of Therapy through Adventure and in 2021 the first and only books of this methodology in Spanish were published. In 2020 I have embarked on this new adventure together with an extraordinary team, and I am already thinking about my next challenges!

Esther Martínez Roca

Technical Director

  • Degree in Psychology, clinical and health specialization
  • Specialist in Brief Systemic Therapy
  • Postgraduate degree in Animal Assisted Intervention
  • Degree in Marketing and Commercial Management
  • Postgraduate Degrees in Quality Management of Services, and in Banking and Wealth Management
  • Training in Adventure Therapy and Experiential Education

I believe in superheros and I usually meet mine as soon as I get close to nature. Adventure therapy is a meeting point between two of my passions: people and nature. Challenges take us out of our comfort zone and make us grow: thanks to the Adventure Therapy team I am meeting those challenges day after day and that I am able to build myself moment by moment.

I am a psychologist under construction, constantly growing and learning. I worked in the economic world for many years and than changed heels for hiking boots. I started walking on new steps in my life, I trained in Animal Assisted Intervention and started working with children with functional diversity. Today I continue training, climbing mountains and swimming in rivers, without forgetting that every step and every stroke makes me be a superhero and meet other superheros.

Román Rodríguez Sebastián


  • Undergraduate student in Psychology
  • Postgraduate in Integrative design Psychotherapy
  • Teacher, double major in Early Childhood and Primary Education
  • Master’s Degree in Education and Rehabilitation of Addictive Behaviors
  • International Training in Adventure Therapy and Experiential Education

When I think about what adventure therapy means to me, immediatly the experience that surrounds you and makes you resolve processes that otherwise would have remained hidden comes to my mind. It illuminates like a bright beacon in the form of personal awareness. Each of the trainings and projects in which I have participated while traveling through Spain, Croatia, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Greece, France, United Kingdom or Australia, have allowed me to learn from first class therapists in extraordinary natural environments. The most valuable thing, apart from the professionalization that is implicit in attending experiential training, is that you get to know yourself more and more in each traning. You are exposed to nuances that you could not (or did not want to) see before. From then on, you are touched by the experience and it is no longer possible to go back:

“A mind stretched by a new experience can never return to its old dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Marina Baquero Tomás

General Health Psychologist

  • General Health Psychologist COPCV14289
  • Master in General Health Psychology
  • PhD Candidate in Health Sciences Program at the Catholic University of Valencia.
  • Research work in the PsicAp Project: Psychology in Primary Care (Official College of Psychologists of Madrid and Psychofundation)
  • Specialization in emotional regulation and emotional disorders

Adventure therapy is an intervention developed by mental health professionals that brings an experiential character to the therapeutic process that is very powerful in facilitating the process of change of the participants.

I have had the opportunity to work through this methodology in different national and international programs with adolescents and adults of different profiles (e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorder, Severe Mental Disorder, or young people at risk of social exclusion), in which I have been able to verify the power of intervening at the very moment in which conflicts arise, facilitating the proper management of situations and thus increasing the achievement experiences of the participants.

A key point that I observe in this methodology is that it accelerates the process of group cohesion, facilitating the generation of a solid support network that can sustain the group and provide the necessary confidence and security to initiate processes of change at the individual and group level.

It is very interesting to see how the participants are nourished by the learning obtained in the challenge experiences and how they strengthen their skills. It is a very enriching experience for both participants and facilitators.

Borja Martí Roca

General Health Psychologist

  • General Health Psychologist COPCV 15181
  • Master in General Health Psychology
  • Master’s Degree in People Management
  • Master’s Degree in Secondary School Teaching (specializing in Educational Guidance)
  • Youth Leadership Training (Czech Republic)
  • Training in Adventure Therapy and Experiential Education

Adventure Therapy means for me to combine two of my passions, psychology and nature. I see AT as a wonderful oppertunity to connect with people and experience a process of change and/or growth. In my case, I have experienced it both individually and in groups, and both have great potential.The advantage over other interventions is that the person is in the natural environment and is an active agent of the therapy, lives their decisions and, in short, experiences the therapy in first person. These are not just words, but facts. I love to make experiences in nature, to take a break, calmly, without rushing. To enjoy life.

Pablo Calvo Bayarri

General Health Psychologist

  • General Health Psychologist COPCV 14589
  • Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology
  • Master’s Degree in Legal Psychology
  • Master’s Degree in Education and Rehabilitation of Addictive Behaviours
  • Training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

I consider myself as an enthusiastic, transparent and approachable person. The values on which I base my work are: I see the person as the center of every action that I perform (paying attention to their capabilities, virtues and potential), teamwork and spirit of improvement. I also believe in continuous training as a fundamental pillar for my professional development.

In my free time I like to enjoy time with my family, friends and nature in all its scenarios, play sports and read.

Alejandro Vila García

General Health Psychologist

  • General Health Psychologist CV15732
  • Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology
  • Specific Training in Adventure Therapy
Adventure therapy has been a great discovery for me, as it has given me the opportunity to unite my two passions, psychology and adventure. This therapy offers us the possibility of creating therapeutic moments with no more tools than a challenge and in the best possible context: nature.
People grow through experiences, and the experiences from which we learn the most are the challenges to ourselves. Through them we have the opportunity to get out of the comfort zone and move into the growth zone, that is when magical, loving and unexpected things happen. Its power is unlimited, the limits are set by people, and through this methodology we can find them, overcome them and grow.

Miriam Castelló Parra

Occupational Therapist

  • Graduate in Occupational Therapy
  • Undergraduate student in Psychology
  • International training in Adventure Therapy and Experiential Education
  • 6 years as a Scout and 7 years as a volunteer with youth and people with disabilities

I see Adventure Therapy as an opportunity for growth and reconnection with the species we all carry within us. This methodology uses the great power of our natural environment to help us face our own challenges and learn how to bring us closer to a better quality of life.

Eva Sánchez Molina

Educator and Social Worker

  • Degree in Social Education
  • Degree in Social Work
  • Master’s Degree in Education and Rehabilitation of Addictive Behaviors

Adventure Therapy gives me the opportunity to open new doors and show different possibilities when intervening with groups at risk and/or in vulnerable situations. It is a different methodology that allows to acquire tools from own experience, promotes personal growth and self-knowledge in a space of encounter with oneself, different from what we are used to.

Anna Armengol Sanz

Social Psychologist

  • Degree in Psychology, Member CV 15382
  • Master’s Degree in Psychological Intervention in Social Settings
  • Training in Permanent Seminar of Therapy through Adventure

The contact with nature has always helped me to connect with myself, allowing me to know my limits and finding out that I am capable going further than I thought. In this process I met many people who felt the same way and a therapeutic modality that sought psychological results that I had already achieved. I was able to name my process, “Therapy through adventure” and it has been a path for me, not a goal, towards my discovery, self-knowledge and self-improvement.

Diana Porta Viosca

Degree in Sport Science

  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
  • Diploma in Teaching (specializing in Physical Education)
  • Camp Director

After having experienced different adventures I have always reflected what they have brought me for personal growth. The first time I heard “Therapy through Adventure” I thought about the great potential it could have and that I would like to learn more. The brief relationship I have had so far with AT shows me what great possibilities it has and how much it can help people.

Luis Abellán Bodallo

Educational Psychologist

  • Degree in Psychology, Registered CV 12090
  • Master’s Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology
  • Master’s Degree in Teacher Training, specializing in Educational Guidance
  • Title of Camp Director and Youth Animator AJ1
  • Horse Assisted Intervention Course

As living beings, we are made to live in a constant relationship with nature. The society we have built has distanced us from it, from its land, from its horizons, from its biodiversity… And in front of us there is a horizon of bricks, a world of asphalt that suffocates us and disconnects us from our roots. I believe that an important part of the psychological malaise lies in this, in not exposing ourselves to all that is waiting for us out there. Beyond the cities, beyond an increasingly digitalized society, there are endless possibilities to explore, landscapes waiting to be contemplated, challenges that put our mind and body to the limit, that can only be overcome by activating all our senses and feeling truly alive, challenges that far from blocking our energies and emotions, lead us to reach a harmony, satisfaction and security that can only be experienced.

In essence, this is for me what Adventure Therapy is all about, taking advantage of the resources that nature has at its disposal, while applying the tools that psychotherapy offers us. Connecting fully and consciously with the present moment, with the strength of its elements, its adversity, its calm… tracing the path that leads us to also connect with ourselves.

From a very young age I was able to experience part of all this through the Scout movement, initially from the playfulness and later as an adult, incorporating the path of personal progression and commitment to a better world, always seeking the path of the encounter between man and Earth.

These are the traces I want to leave behind me… and as a psychologist, I am passionate about the idea of being able to continue walking towards this ENCOUNTER to show it to others.


  • Iñigo Ayllón

    Mountain Safety Advisor

  • Merche Díez Galindo

    Functional Diversity Advisor

  • Lynn Van Hoof

    Supervision in training programs

  • Harpa Ýr Erlensdóttir

    Training program advisor

  • Per Wijnands

    Advisor for therapeutic activities in nature

  • Christiane Thiesen

    Consultant for large projects

  • Carlos Pérez Campos

  • Esportactiu


Iñigo Ayllón

Mountain Safety Advisor

  • Law Degree
  • Master’s Degree in Mountain Sports Law
  • Sport Technician in Medium Mountain

I understand the mountain above all as a way to enjoy.

To enjoy the environment, the friendship, the effort.

Finding one’s own satisfaction and that of those who accompany you in the achievement of challenges (however small they may be) and therefore I also see the mountain as a school. A school of values where sacrifice, effort, solidarity and companionship are paramount.

Where you learn lessons that serve you for life, for daily growth and that are also a source of motivation.

And above all, it is a magnificent stage to take care of, and for me, there is no better way to take care of it than by teaching it. To show people the immense gift that nature is and to understand the need we have to maintain it.

Merche Díez Galindo

Functional Diversity Advisor

Consultant in Functional Diversity and Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Teacher of Special Education, specialties in Therapeutic Pedagogy and Hearing and Language
  • Master’s Degree in Integral Care for People with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Specialized in Person-Centered Planning and Positive Behavioral Support
  • Extensive experience in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Trainer of trainers, specialist in leisure and people with disabilities

Therapy through adventure and nature offers us a range of experiences where we can rediscover ourselves far from our comfort zone by breaking our daily dynamics.

The natural environment gives us the possibility to take on challenges that make us discover our strengths, developing strategies and personal tools, addressing the adaptation to change.

In this person-centered process, we accompany the participants as protagonists of their own overcoming, through the help in the identification of positive and achievable short-term goals, being responsible for their choices and self-direction. Through a pedagogy of successful experiential experiences, which exercise the management of new situations, decision making, conflict resolution and frustration tolerance. In this personal process we carry out a positive behavioral accompaniment, establishing a bond as a support referent, as well as promoting the establishment of meaningful bonds with peers and the exercise of new social roles.

Our support to participants with different capacities in a consensual process of improvement pursues the discovery of their strengths and their empowerment.

Lynn Van Hoof

Supervision in training programs

  • Clinical psychologist in Belgium
  • Specialist in Adventure Therapy

Belgian clinical psychologist with a degree in Adventure Education, Client-Centered and Emotion-Centered Therapy. She is an experiential education trainer for teachers and has been passionate about combining nature and therapy since 2011. She has experience working with Adventure Therapy in groups, as well as Walktherapy and talking one-on-one with people suffering from a variety of mental health issues.

As a representative of the International Adventure Therapy Committee, Lynn is committed to facilitating discussion, bringing people together and developing the field of Adventure Therapy within her country, in Europe and around the world. From 2013 to 2019 she has initiated and coordinated the European Adventure Therapy Network, and co-organizes the Gathering for Adventure Therapy in Europe (GATE).

She currently works as a student psychologist at KdG University College, as a group counselor at Krachtig Onderwijs, as a project coordinator at Outward Bound Belgium, as well as in her own private practice.


Harpa Ýr Erlensdóttir

Training program advisor

  • Occupational therapist in Iceland
  • Specialist in Adventure Therapy

Harpa is an Occupational Therapist with over 15 years of therapeutic experience working with children, adolescents and adults facing mental, psychosocial, behavioral, and developmental problems.

In 2000, the Experiential Learning approach captivated her while working with youth in a youth center. She began to connect this approach as an OT, first in rehabilitation for children and adolescents in 2006, and then in mental rehabilitation departments at the University Hospital of Iceland.

Harpa currently works as a therapist in her own clinic, providing individual therapy sessions at home. She also affers a community approach, and through adventure therapy, as well as Adventure Therapy programs for groups.

She is the co-founder of NUM, the Icelandic Association for Adventure Therapy. She was part of the coordination team of the European Network for Therapy through Adventure project, and co-organized the first GATE in Valencia 2017. In addition, she is Icelandic representative in the Nordic Outdoor Therapy Network and in the International Committee for Therapy through Adventure. Harpa has experience in international projects mainly through Erasmus + and has led training in Therapy through Adventure both internationally and nationally for facilitators.

Nature has always been a big part of her life, first as a playground and learning new skills and then as a place of contemplation and reflection.

Per Wijnands

Advisor for therapeutic activities in nature

  • Social worker in the Netherlands
  • Experiential Pedagogue (Erlebnispädagoge be®)
  • Specialist in Adventure Therapy

Since 2003 he has been fascinated by experiential learning and has applied this method working with many groups, especially adolescents with mild intellectual disabilities. He currently works as an Adventure Therapist in youth mental health care, and is an experiential coach at Team-Focus. In addition, he is an active developer of Adventure Therapy in the Netherlands.

Per is co-author of the first Dutch book on Adventure Therapy: “Handbook of Adventure Therapy with children, youth and their families”. Per is specialized as an Adventure Therapist for children, adolescents and families.

Christiane Thiesen

Consultant for large projects

  • Social worker in Germany
  • Specialist in Adventure Therapy

Coordinator of the 2nd European Congress of Adventure Therapy (Schwangau, Germany). Editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Adventure Therapy. Specialist in management of large Adventure Therapy projects.

Carlos Pérez Campos

  • Ph.D. in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
  • Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
  • Primary school teacher specialized in Physical Education
  • Teacher specializing in Early Childhood Education

The potential of Adventure Therapy is yet to be implemented, yet to be exploited. Adventure Therapy has experiential and emotional value, the value of creating meaningful learning.

I have had the opportunity to experience firsthand its potential, and the behavioral results are coupled with the emotional and cognitive ones. I have seen the growth and personal improvement through the change in their attitudes towards life in the natural environment, in addition to the benefits it already brings. Intervention in this area makes you feel the need to feel.




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