Training in Adventure Therapy


In Adventure Therapy we are specialists in the design and implementation of training programs, using experiential methods for the acquisition of specific therapeutic competencies. Since 2008 we have been developing training actions at different levels and in relation to various entities to respond to individuals or professional teams of entities.

Among our actions we highlight:

  • Seminars and workshops in university degrees
  • Training for mental health and social intervention professionals.
  • Training plans for national and international clinical and social entities.
  • Supervision for organizations and professionals

Contact us to learn more about our training and supervision proposals, and how to plan a modular training for organizations.


We regularly offer seminars, courses and specific training modules for professionals in psychology, social intervention and education.

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Acquiring competencies in Adventure Therapy adapted to the needs of the organization is easy if the training is planned adapted and staggered to the context of the intervention. In Adventure Therapy we develop customized training plans for organizations, after a previous analysis and assessment process, and a constant process evaluation.

In order to respond to the specificities of each organization, we propose a modular training plan, implemented in different phases, with the possibility of choosing the training itinerary through complementary training.

Contact us, receive our catalog for organizations, and let’s start studying your needs to design an adapted training plan.


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