Do you want to learn more about yourself? Nature will serve as a guide and as a metaphor for life. It will be a unique and special time, in a natural space and through adventure activities, which will serve to know you more deeply.

The main objective will be to enhance personal resources, discover patterns that hinder your growth and provide energy to fully enjoy life.

Before the program, we will meet in two sessions in our office or via videoconference, in order to design a proposal according to your personal needs. It can also be adapted to couples. The program will have a minimum duration of two days in nature and, upon return, we will close with a final session to evaluate the steps taken.

I just went for a walk and finally came to the conclusion to stay out until sunset, because when I came out, I discovered that I was actually coming in.

John Muir


Contact us to get more information about the price and the program, either by email or by cell phone 623 035 055.

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