Hours and hours spent on video games, online gambling, social networks… School failure, irascibility and family conflicts… And, above all, suffering. These are some of the characteristics of adolescents who have problems with new technologies.

There is evidence that more and more adolescents present problems of abuse and addiction to new technologies, causing conflicts at home, school failure or even suicide.

Our extensive experience working with adolescents with addiction problems, also for public entities, means that our work is aimed at addressing the problem with evidence-based objectives, and also with the highest quality criteria.

Alexander Rose,
Director of Terapia Aventura and psychologist
with more than 20 years of experience in working with adolescents

The Des-conecta program is designed to raise awareness of the risks of abusing new technologies, predisposing the participant to change. Through a selection of carefully chosen activities, our psychologists will guide and assist participants in their process of change. These adventurous, nature-based activities are designed to be playful, with peers and, above all, to further the objectives of the program:

  • Increase motivation for change
  • Increase the perception of risk associated with their risk behaviors
  • To promote personal resources for the acquisition of emotional management tools
  • To facilitate awareness for the generation of an adequate self-concept
  • Promoting positive self-esteem
  • Training in social and coping skills
  • Facilitating participants to re-evaluate their way of enjoying leisure and personal fulfillment


We are currently designing the new program for 2021, and evaluating different environments, we will know more soon! The adventure activities will be developed in strict compliance with COVID recommendations and protocols at that time of the year.

Contact us for more information about the price and the program, either through the email or mobile 623 035 055.

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