If your child is between 12 and 14 years old and you are concerned about their use of mobile phones, social networks, video games… this is the program for you!

CONECTA is a 5-day preventive program in the middle of nature where your child will learn to manage technology responsibly. In groups of maximum 12 people and through different adventure activities (rafting, kayaking, canyoning, etc.), our team of professionals will help teenagers to make good use of technology. The program also includes a day of activity with the parents.

It’s raining on the wet ground. In recent years, adolescents have been increasing the number of hours they spend in front of screens and on the Internet, and there have been more and more problems arising from improper use of the Internet (addictions, sexting, grooming, cyberbulling, etc.). Due to the COVID situation, moreover, this use has increased exponentially, but in many cases it has not been possible to learn to make a responsible use nor to learn to appreciate the negative consequences of its abuse.

Alexander Rose,
Director of Adventure Therapy and psychologist
with more than 20 years of experience in working with adolescents

Experiential learning, combined with adventure and nature activities, has proven to be an effective methodology to prevent this problem.

Terapia Aventura is a specialist in this methodology and has been developing programs in this area since 2008.

The objectives of the program are based on learning to manage the use of the Internet, learning and understanding the consequences of the misuse of digital devices, learning to manage emotions, and finding other healthy leisure alternatives.

We are currently designing the new program for 2021, and assessing different environments, we will know more soon! The adventure activities will be developed in strict compliance with COVID recommendations and protocols at that time of the year.


Contact us to get more information about the price and the program, either by email or by cell phone 623 035 055.

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